Free Download - BloodToll

The Blood Toll System

Blood Toll is a completely free downloadable FPS (first person shooter) supporting ESports (video game tournaments) with cash prizes. It is the goal of the Blood Toll System to create an environment where the skilled gamer can become a professional gamer. We do this by putting a price on each players head converting your video game skills into income and merchandise earning potential.

Easy One Click installation

All you need to do to get Blood Toll is click our download button, fill out some basic information, and we do the rest. A high speed internet connection should have you playing in a matter of minutes.

Fast paced game play

When you and everyone else have a price on their head you better be able to move. That is why Blood Toll has lightning fast game play to keep the bullets firing and the money rolling in.

Compete against real people for real money

Blood Toll allows users to make a deposit with their credit card, and enter into tournaments against players from all over the world. With games ranging from $0.01 per life to $500.00 per life there is sure to be an arena that fits your budget.

Compete for cool prizes

Play in our training game mode for no entry fees and great prizes.

Extremely fast to download

With an initial download of just a few MBs it will be ready to play in a matter of seconds.

Constantly updating with new levels, items and weapons

Blood Toll constantly updates new levels items and weapons. This means that you will never get bored. There is something new every time you login.

Built with exceptional cheat protection and security

There is nothing worse than playing against a cheater especially when money is involved. That is why Blood Toll has one of the most advanced cheat protection systems on the market, to ensure that everyone is on an equal playing field.